A Magnet For Favours

On the off chance that you continue being your best where you are at this moment, you will end up being a magnet for favors. You will come into support, advancement, and greater open door than you’ve ever imagined.  You won’t have to follow it; it will come to you. Like a magnet, you’ll draw it in.


Be Happy Today!

Good morning beautiful people. As we move beyond saying, “I’ll be glad when…” as I advised in my last post, we need to begin saying, “I am glad now. I am going to be happy and positive today. My life may not be exactly what I want it to be, but I choose to be…… Continue reading Be Happy Today!

He’s Risen!

The Great Edi Unogu from Anabra state) The Eastern Part of Nigeria) many years ago boasted and promised he’d come back from the dead like Jesus and talk to his friends. He promised to prove to the world that any one can rise from the dead and not Jesus alone. Some actually consulted mediums to…… Continue reading He’s Risen!

Put Possessions In Perspective!

Without a healthy attitude towards money and possessions, everyday life can be miserable. People who think too highly of finances and material goods often live in pursuit of luxuries that leave them unsatisfied. They find themselves with full bank accounts and empty hearts, or end up spending more than they make and struggling under the…… Continue reading Put Possessions In Perspective!

Worthy Sacrifice…

How much of our sacrifice will God consider worthy? How much of our praises, worships, thanksgiving, will God consider as worthy enough? Psalms 51:17 (KJV)   says “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise. As I was observing my siesta after i returned…… Continue reading Worthy Sacrifice…