Stumbling Is Not Falling; Pursue Your Dreams

The most significant thing you can ever do in life is to discover a dream worth chasing. As you pursue it, you will stumble, but understand that stumbling isn’t falling. Pursuit changes everything. It captivates your heart, increases your speed, sets free your focus, and brings amazing results. Successful lives are motivated by a passionate…… Continue reading Stumbling Is Not Falling; Pursue Your Dreams


Keep Running With And For Your Dreams!

You’ve got a unique purpose in this world and that is what I want you to run with today. God has given every one of us a gift. There’s never a soul, he creates without giving them a gift.

Stolen Dreams…

When she was just a little girl, she had a picture of the real world, or so she thought. She made up her mind to find this beautiful world, even if takes her forever. She crumbled, she fell, she trusted, she got betrayed. She got lost, but realized the only real thing was her! She…… Continue reading Stolen Dreams…

Searching For Your Purpose? #2

If my sister left her six year old daughter with me without telling me how she likes her meal done, what her favorite meal is, her likes and dislikes, her favorite cartoon, her spot on subject in school, I wouldn’t know any. Only her the mother knows all these and unless she tells me, I…… Continue reading Searching For Your Purpose? #2

Follow Your Dream!

There is one thing that we do free of charge without any one’s consent and that is to dream. The question is not can you dream, but do you have the courage to follow it and act on it? If faith without work is dead, then dream without diligence is as good as dead. God…… Continue reading Follow Your Dream!

Dreams?….Give It Time!

Have you ever become so frustrated because you feel you have waited so long and so patiently for something that seems it will never come to pass? You do know that technically you haven’t waited forever right? Smiles…( just kidding) But you feel you have. You became weary, and you feel you simply can not…… Continue reading Dreams?….Give It Time!