Learn To Choose Your Associations Carefully!

Choose your associations carefully. Invest in good relationships. Never receive counsel from unproductive people; no one can give what they don’t have. Most importantly, we’ve got to be careful where we stop to inquire for directions along the road of life. The simple yet fact of life is that…. Read more đŸ‘‰ https://whitneyibeblog.com/learn-to-choose-your-associations-carefully/

Choose Your Friends!

Growing up we were taught to choose wisely the people we wanted to be our friends, as who we associated with will say a lot about who we are. Sticking to this wasn’t always the case or easy, as most of us wanted to be among the popular crowd, didn’t want to get bullied so…… Continue reading Choose Your Friends!

Thank You…

We’ve fought, argued, and disagreed. We are still here, closely knitted together through it all. Just like everyone I had my share of dark days, I had moments when I felt it was all for nought, I had moments that I had wished to just leave everything and walk away. I had moments when I…… Continue reading Thank You…

I’m Your Friend…(Quest Post)

When the tunnel is dark The road is cramp When the end is blank The way is swamp I am your friend, still your friend When the wind is tough The room is hot When the land is hard The sky is blur I’m your friend still your friend. When the light is gone Your…… Continue reading I’m Your Friend…(Quest Post)

You & Me…..

I love to sing to You, I love to sing with you, I love to dance with You and I don’t care if I miss my steps, I love how you make me feel when am with you and when am not with you, I give my all, just to hold you, Just to be…… Continue reading You & Me…..

It’s The Thoughts That Counts….

They stare at me Some laugh Some whisper Some just don’t know what to say at all But it’s the thought that counts…..Not always the word They say am weird Different Simply because I care too much Believe so much Trust easily But it’s worth it……. I have got good friends More than they will…… Continue reading It’s The Thoughts That Counts….