Be Honest About Your Fears- Fuel Your Passion

Often the problem that we feel needs to be addressed in a moment isn’t about the big picture. We are not always honest about our fears. Yet, it’s easy for us to require sincerity from other people. Facing the giants in our lives “fears” requires us telling ourselves the truth that we are scared. And…… Continue reading Be Honest About Your Fears- Fuel Your Passion

How Hungry Are You For Self-Development?

The truth is we are all destined to grow, and only #hungryminds grow. We grow when we are open to learning. Be open to learning from everyone. Never stop asking questions when you don’t understand. Hate to have idle time when you don’t get to grasp anything… Read more 👉

Cult Of Praise: Only God Deserves Our Praise & Worship

History has a beginning, but the only one without a creation story is God because he created the beginning. I want you to see history as a line, and at the start of the line, we have the beginning, and at the end of that line, we have the end. And each day, you and…… Continue reading Cult Of Praise: Only God Deserves Our Praise & Worship

Take The Limits Off Your Age: You Are Unstoppable

I choose not to govern my life according to labels. But why do many of us choose to hand pick our lives by our age limits? Read more 👉

Authenticity Is Everything: Be True To Yourself

One important trait of leaders is authenticity and character management. As our world continues to become edgier, and as leaders, we can’t afford to tolerate and promote mediocrity. Mediocrity doesn’t sell but, originality does…. Read more 👉

Good habits impact one’s performance and progress.✅

Healthy living 🥗🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️🚵‍♀️ Practicing gratitude 🙏 Following a reading schedule 📚 Managing time⏰ 👆 are some of the good habits which must be practiced as a part of lifestyle.Good habits impact one’s performance and progress.✅

Our Attitude Towards Life Is Everything

Our attitude toward life is everything. Pay close attention to your attitude. Success is a numbers game. Are you playing to win or to lose? Every one of us has at our core a well of potentials, courage, and capabilities begging to be tapped. But, our attitudes and perception of life have posed a threat…… Continue reading Our Attitude Towards Life Is Everything

Who Is Jesus Christ To You?

Who Is Jesus Christ To You?This million-dollar question of “who is Jesus Christ”, has sparked up lots of controversies across the world. People form their opinion of Jesus Christ at that time as it suits them, and it is no different today.One person will say, ” he was a good man,” some others say, “he’s…… Continue reading Who Is Jesus Christ To You?