One Life To Live!…

There is a popular saying in Yoruba “Nikan Kan aye” which means we only have one life to live. If there is anything I love about the yoruba ; it’s the fact that they know how to live and enjoy life. A typical yoruba man is always party and fun conscious. He would do anything…… Continue reading One Life To Live!…

How Crazy is Crazy?….

It’s indeed a crazy world we live in. Every one seems to be running on a high speed and patience is the word most dreaded today.  Everyone seems to be pursuing what they don’t have and in the process of doing this they loose themselves. Others are busy chasing valuables, assets, possessions, treasures, and in…… Continue reading How Crazy is Crazy?….

Cambios…..(#Part 1)

Quienquiera que seas No importa lo solitario El mundo siempre se ofrecerá a su imaginación No tienes que ser bueno si no quieres Puede que no se sienta como usted Está bien ser diferente Usted puede estar deprimido Encuentra felicidad en cada cosa bonita Ríe cuando las bromas son divertidas Fruncir el ceño cuando usted…… Continue reading Cambios…..(#Part 1)

Our Words…. Very Powerful!!

Our words are powerful, they not only reveal the conditions of our hearts, they also influence our ability to enjoy life and fully live. Just as a positive mental attitude helps us enjoy our lives, the words we speak also affect the levels of joy we experience on a daily basis. “Matthew 12:34- Out of…… Continue reading Our Words…. Very Powerful!!

Your Life…..

Do you know that the greatest possession in life , is your life? It is the greatest thing that you have. Without your life, there is no marriage, no job, no love, no business, no family and definitely no you. There is virtually nothing. The devil knows the value of your life, he knows you…… Continue reading Your Life…..