Why Do You Need A Second Chance?

If given a second chance, or have nothing to lose, what would you do differently? Why do you think you need a second chance?Many people search their lifetime for a second chance to fix a mistake. Read more 👉 https://whitneyibeblog.com/why-do-you-need-a-second-chance/

Live And Dress To Support Your Values

Clothing is a language of its own. The adage that says, “You will be addressed by the way you dress,” still lives on. Dressing according to our personal ethics means taking priority over the way we dress, and that’s not always easy. It’s not always easy to dress the part, yet it’s not impossible… Read…… Continue reading Live And Dress To Support Your Values

Our Thoughts And Voices Have Life

We all need to become aware and conscious of the voices we allow to become alive in our lives. It’s time we became aware of our unconscious assumptions. Read more 👉 https://whitneyibeblog.com/our-thoughts-and-voices-have-life/

Trust Is Everything; Don’t Go Smashing It

Trust is just like a glass, once broken can never be the same again. We shouldn’t go about smashing the trust people have in us. Trust is everything and crucial to the growth of any relationship Have you tried fixing a broken… Read more 👉 https://whitneyibeblog.com/trust-is-everything-dont-go-smashing-it/