His Silent World!

He kept loosing meaning in his words, and in the society that was built for him. Everything was perfect until…, He kept loosing every fight with his lifeless self, cried so loud in silence and yet screamed so loud in his sounds. They said he wasn’t good, He was bullied, They said he had no…… Continue reading His Silent World!

Falling In Love with You..(Quest Post)

Often wondered what it feels like to be in love Tried viewing it under a microscope to understand They say love is crazy now I know why It is the most unexplainable feelings a person can ever endure They are better expressed when you meet the one that excites you Let me be the shoulder…… Continue reading Falling In Love with You..(Quest Post)

Be Thoughtful!

The world doesn’t begin and end with you! The measure of a man’s usefulness is in the number of people who needs him. Sadly, we measure our usefulness by how rich and affluent we are. We could care less about the needs of other people and when we show any little kindness, we stand at…… Continue reading Be Thoughtful!

The Perfect Love!

All that we have now has countered all that was lost and stolen because he loves us perfectly. Every scar always paints a picture to remind us who has always carried us through and still does. Our feelings are inconsistent but his love is never failing. His ways are perfect, his words proves true and…… Continue reading The Perfect Love!

Stop The Labeling…

Do you know how annoyed you get when you meet some one for the first time and get judged by him or her without even getting to know you? Do you know how frustrated you get when something that rightly belongs to you is denied you simply because they had a hunch about you? How…… Continue reading Stop The Labeling…

When We Care…

You will meet people in life who feel they can’t be loved. They don’t see their own greatness or value. If it were up to them, they would become an island. They walk in fear and every one arounds them walks on eggshells. They make life boring and no matter how happy you are, you…… Continue reading When We Care…

Horrible News!

I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that some one would wake up in the morning (that’s if they slept at all during the night) and all his thoughts for the day would be how to waste lives, destroy properties, cause endless pains and sorrow to their fellow man. Recently, the news…… Continue reading Horrible News!