Horrible News!

I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that some one would wake up in the morning (that’s if they slept at all during the night) and all his thoughts for the day would be how to waste lives, destroy properties, cause endless pains and sorrow to their fellow man. Recently, the news…… Continue reading Horrible News!

Saying I Love You…

Oftentimes, saying I love you to the ones we love isn’t always the words we want to say. They usually don’t come out right when we say them right? It isn’t luck that brings us to the ones we love and yet when we have them, we struggle with words to express exactly how we…… Continue reading Saying I Love You…

Live For Others!…

Hi everyone, My last article was on “one life to live” and you can see more of it here on https://whitneyibeblog.wordpress.com/2017/10/14/one-life-to-live/?preview=true. Today, I will be writing on something similar but also very important. For quite some time now, I haven’t been able to go to church especially on Sundays and on weekdays, I get so…… Continue reading Live For Others!…

Fly Before You Fall….#Build Your Self-worth!

A wise man once said; Before you can discover what God has called you to do, or reach your full potential, you’ve got to find a lasting basis on which to build your self-worth. Every one of us is molded by the words we’ve heard and in most cases it’s usually the ones we shouldn’t…… Continue reading Fly Before You Fall….#Build Your Self-worth!

The Dark Side Of Falling In Love….

Falling in love with the right person is beautiful but falling in love with the wrong person and for the wrong reasons is cruel and dangerous. Love is beautiful, kind, patient, never doubting, believing, it’s not about the touch down of friday night’s game, it’s not about being with the popular crowd, it’s not selfish,…… Continue reading The Dark Side Of Falling In Love….

Sparkles…Find Yours!

Have you ever hung out with as many friends as you can? Love them, play with them and still feel empty? Then suddenly this particular friend comes along and time suddenly stops. You feel like you’ve known each other all your life. Every thing around you begins to sparkle and your hearts wants to listen…… Continue reading Sparkles…Find Yours!

Perfect Guidiance….

O, soul, on the highway from earth into glory, surrounded by mysteries, trials, and fears, let the light of God, in thy life be resplendent, for Jesus will guide thee, thou need, thou need’st never fear. For if thou wilt trust me, i’ll lead thee and guide thee. Through the quicksands and deserts of life,…… Continue reading Perfect Guidiance….