Moral Puzzle: Perfection Or Honesty?

Honestly, honesty can never be overrated. It is a crucial component for developing moral character. Honesty strengthens and improves relationships between people, helps in cultivating good attributes like compassion, determination, truthfulness, and integrity. Read more 👉

Quit Keeping It To Yourself.

As you begin to make changes in your life, don’t burden yourself with making endless lists of your vision and not sharing them with supportive people that will help make them a reality. Read more 👉

Be Honest About Your Fears- Fuel Your Passion

Often the problem that we feel needs to be addressed in a moment isn’t about the big picture. We are not always honest about our fears. Yet, it’s easy for us to require sincerity from other people. Facing the giants in our lives “fears” requires us telling ourselves the truth that we are scared. And…… Continue reading Be Honest About Your Fears- Fuel Your Passion

Do You Know Who You Are?: Monday Reflection

Knowing who we truly are is prerequisite to finding happiness and fulfilments in all aspects of our lives. Do you really want to know who you are? Then find answers to these questions: What are the negative sequences of behaviour are you prey to in relationships? What talents do you display most at work and…… Continue reading Do You Know Who You Are?: Monday Reflection

Morning Reflections…(Identity Crisis)

I need us all to get to the point in our lives, where our status of being sons and daughters of God is not dependent on what God can do but on WHO HE IS.

Morning Reflections…

If you will make somebody else’s day, God will make yours.

Nothing Truly Great Can Be Accomplished In A Lifetime!

Most of the seeds we graciously harvest today were planted by our fathers

Morning Reflections….

Too often, because of our own selfishness, we choose to close our hearts to others.