Take The Limits Off And Achieve Unlimited Possibilities

Limiting yourself to those who laugh at the same jokes, vote the same party always, and share the same ideas, could be subjective, and also robs you of personal growth and forces you to live in a secure but shriveled world. Take the limits off and quiet, testing your destiny cautiously. If you’re going to…… Continue reading Take The Limits Off And Achieve Unlimited Possibilities

Take Responsibility Today!

The story of Adam and Eve’s failure in Genesis 3:12,” teaches us two important lessons about God: 1. He won’t accept your excuses. 2. He won’t let you blame other people. He insists that you take responsibility for yourself. And until you do, he can’t bless you like he desires. That means you must make…… Continue reading Take Responsibility Today!

You Are Unstoppable!

Everyone of us has the potential to be great but we are often limited by our own beliefs and thoughts. Over the years, I have learned that greatness can not be given, you have to earn it and before you can earn it you must believe that you can and you are Unstoppable. By nature,…… Continue reading You Are Unstoppable!