Greed And Selfishness; The Hallmark Of Many Lives

If you’re obsessed with greed; wanting more, then it’s time to go on a self-recovery journey; search out the reasons for your pursuit for more wealth, how to move from egoistic pursuits to more altruistic ones. Read more 👉

The Greed Of Gehazi…

“Happiness comes from the peace of knowing you are not in debt!”

Make A Habit Of Being Generous…

The world is full of selfish, stingy, greedy people constantly watching out for themselves alone. God wants us to be generous. As a matter of fact, 2 Corinthians 9:7 tells us “God loves a cheerful giver”. John D. Rockefeller was one of the wealthiest men of his day, but he understood the importance of generosity,…… Continue reading Make A Habit Of Being Generous…

Me, Myself and I

There’s is nothing quite so dead as a self centered man. A man who holds himself up as a self – made success, measures himself by himself and is pleased with the result. His favorite letter “I” – Wesley Huber. One of the reasons why pride lifts you up is to let you down. One…… Continue reading Me, Myself and I

Self-centeredness..#The Root Of Unhappiness!

We can try all we want to prescribe rules and regulations for people to live by, but if their hearts are not changed, they will break our rules and resent us for making them. There will always be a time when we have to realise and admit we are being selfish, but we can only…… Continue reading Self-centeredness..#The Root Of Unhappiness!