Just Thoughts… #8

We are comforted to comfort others. God doesn’t bless us with his presence and comfort of his Spirit because we are somehow better than everyone else. Never look down on anyone or comminize anyone because you feel you are better opportuned! No, he comforts us to equip, empower, and encourage others. God has human hands,…… Continue reading Just Thoughts… #8

Me, Myself and I

There’s is nothing quite so dead as a self centered man. A man who holds himself up as a self – made success, measures himself by himself and is pleased with the result. His favorite letter “I” – Wesley Huber. One of the reasons why pride lifts you up is to let you down. One…… Continue reading Me, Myself and I

You Are Not Everybody!

The story about the tortoise, his scheme and failure taught me a lot about that phrase “You are not everybody”. All the animals from the animal kingdom was invited to a banquet organized by the king of the jungle the lion in heaven. They were asked to pick a name that they will be identified…… Continue reading You Are Not Everybody!