How Much Sin Do We Need To Fully Appreciate The Grace Of God?

None! We do not need to live in sin before we appreciate the grace of God. It is true; the more people sinned, the more God's wonderful grace becomes abundant, but let's not also forget that, just as sin ruled over all people and brought them to death, God’s wonderful grace rules instead, giving us… Continue reading How Much Sin Do We Need To Fully Appreciate The Grace Of God?

Break Your Alabaster Box!

The room grew still as she made her way to Jesus She stumbled and fainted in her heart at the things that made her cry She was rejected She was mocked She was ridiculed There’s no place here for your kind they said Some spoke in anger Many others killed her with their fierry gaze…… Continue reading Break Your Alabaster Box!

Be Angry But Do Not Err!

Ephesians 4:6 How humanly possible is this? There are some situations that leaves you boiling at the rate where you feel your heart is sending heavy smokes to your head. A wise man once said”Never speak when you are angry”, “Never take a decision when you are angry”, “Never make promises when you are angry,…… Continue reading Be Angry But Do Not Err!

The Law vs Grace…..

Are believers still under the law? The answer is NO. But many believers are still very much unaware of this. The first Christians were Jews, they were not called Christians not until the Ascension of Jesus. (They were first called Christians in Antioch) but the Jews predominated the church. The Jews did not abandon the…… Continue reading The Law vs Grace…..