Morning Reflections…(Identity Crisis)

I need us all to get to the point in our lives, where our status of being sons and daughters of God is not dependent on what God can do but on WHO HE IS.

Morning Reflections….

Too often, because of our own selfishness, we choose to close our hearts to others.

Waiting On Wisdom?

Wisdom is better than precious stones….

Choosing The Right Relationship

Become wise by walking with the wise”.

Let Go! #1

Sometimes we miss our chance because we waste our time waiting for the perfect time, the perfect chance, the perfect place, the perfect everything and sadly, there is no perfect time or chance. We’ve got to learn to let go and enjoy the ride. Don’t try to rationalize everything in your life. Life is sometimes…… Continue reading Let Go! #1



All the best wisdom and advice comes through the simple purity of a child. Their babblings and gesture are directive but we seldom don’t see it. They don’t see the world as complicated as we do. To them, life is so easy and safe as long as they’ve got their parents especially their mothers love…… Continue reading Sometimes….

Wisdom…#Not Strength(Pt 1)

Within us all lies the power to do anything if only we are wise. The only limitations we see are ourselves. I was always worried as to how I would face my lecturer much less pass his course. He is always stern and always strict with his feedbacks. He leaves you with so much anxiety…… Continue reading Wisdom…#Not Strength(Pt 1)