Just Thoughts On Flattery.. #23

“He who knows how to flatter also knows how to slander- Napoleon Bonaparte” The English word flatterer comes from a French term that means ‘to pat, smooth, or caress’. So a flatterer is someone who will pat you on the back with one hand, and in some cases, knife you in the back with the…… Continue reading Just Thoughts On Flattery.. #23

The Power Of Negative Words…

“Good morning everyone”: Sometimes all you need is a broken heart to realize that something even better is right in front of our eyes, just waiting to be found only by the power of your positive tongue. I’ve come to the realization that sometimes the reason a promise is being delayed is because of what…… Continue reading The Power Of Negative Words…

Why Gossip?

Sadly, gossiping has always been around us and I’m not sure it intends to leave anytime soon unless we will rid the world of all humans. We find ourselves indulging in it both consciously and unconsciously. Every time we choose to gossip, we become really judgemental and break other people. We tend to forget and…… Continue reading Why Gossip?

Just Thoughts!

If I should see… A brother languishing in sore distress, And I should turn and leave him comfort less, When I might be a messanger of hope and happiness- Then, how could I ask to have what I denied, In my own hour of bitterness supplied? Good morning everyone and have a great day!

Knowing Too Much But Doing Too Little!

Heard the story of a b usinessman known for his ruthlessness, arrogance and religiosity, and how he told Mark Twain that before he dies he intends to visit the Holy Land, climb Mount Sinai and read the Ten Commandments aloud. ‘I have a better idea,’ Twain replied. ‘Just stay here in Boston and keep them!’…… Continue reading Knowing Too Much But Doing Too Little!

Stop Worrying!…

Stop Worrying? Stop worrying about me? Why are you worrying yourself? (not sure if the sentence is correct anyways ).. But we are familiar with the words right? Of course we are. If you are sure you haven’t worried about anything in your life, then please don’t read further but if you have, like I…… Continue reading Stop Worrying!…

Our Will vs God’s will..

There’s nothing God can not set you free from except it’s something you have refused to let go. To unlock the door of your future you must first lock the doors of the past. How often do we really pray for God’s will to be done? This is a tough one right? For even when…… Continue reading Our Will vs God’s will..


All the best wisdom and advice comes through the simple purity of a child. Their babblings and gesture are directive but we seldom don’t see it. They don’t see the world as complicated as we do. To them, life is so easy and safe as long as they’ve got their parents especially their mothers love…… Continue reading Sometimes….

Sunshine Blogger Award.. (4)

My, my, my… Words aren’t enough Zen. I am incredibly humbled to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award (my fourth nomination) by Zen Body Cafe. So, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you to a beautiful soul whose works I love and admire. She is simply amazing. Do you…… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award.. (4)