Birthday Of Christianity….

Some one recently asked me when did Christianity begin? Was it on the day of Pentecost or  I was it at Antioch? Well, i believe it was on the day of  a Pentecost. “Acts 2:1-7”.

The Pentecost was the birthday of Christianity. How you ask? Well, christianity never existed until the Holy Ghost came from heaven. The ministry of Jesus in the world was his own divine preparation of the world for his ultimate and final ministry. His ultimate and final ministry was to be the by the Spirit.
The ministry of Jesus during His earthly life was localised by his humanity and localised again in that his message was only given to Isreal. But the descent of the Holy Ghost brought to the souls of men a Universal ministry of Jesus to every man, right from the heart of God. 

Heavenly contact with the eternal God in power set their nature all aflame for God and with God, exalted their nature’s into God, and made the recipient godlike. Man became godlike!


33 thoughts on “Birthday Of Christianity….

  1. Wow, I donΒ΄t know in order to origin of the Christ and fellows and when I see the heaven and the paradise as our mother earth I think weΒ΄ve got habits, roots of eternal design, a thing is sure…Enjoy all thoughts and then youΒ΄re a perfect book in hard times.
    I love all cultures and creeds and learnt everyday…

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          1. Oh my dear Whitney, no news from you in a long time. I hope you’re fine… you’re a beauty woman 😘😘😘😘. Well I’ve disconnected by moments in order to my dad disease and my mom had badiles times, fortunately on the road again and no hols, reading los of books as hearding music. A big kiss.

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            1. I’m sorry about your dad’s health. I just want you to believe that he’s healed and everything will be alright in Jesus name amen. My regards to him and your mom. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡


    1. Holy Spirit was in people before Pentecost. Pentecost was the beginning of the Church age though, I do believe that the Holy Ghost fell on people at Pentecost, but what about the prophets of old. When Jesus was in the world in His flesh and blood, He had the fullness of the Spirit. Nobody else apparently had the fullness of the Spirit until Jesus ascended to the Father, then the Holy Spirit was sent back into the world, but in a sense the Spirit never left the world because God is omnipresent.


      Prophet Ryan


      1. Thank you very much for this wonderful insight but am not ignorant of the fact that the spirit of God has been in the world even before time begun. Yes, our God is omnipresent yesterday, today and forever.


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