Follow Your Dream!

There is one thing that we do free of charge without any one’s consent and that is to dream. The question is not can you dream, but do you have the courage to follow it and act on it? If faith without work is dead, then dream without diligence is as good as dead. God…… Continue reading Follow Your Dream!

Sunshine Blogger Award.. (4)

My, my, my… Words aren’t enough Zen. I am incredibly humbled to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award (my fourth nomination) by Zen Body Cafe. So, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you to a beautiful soul whose works I love and admire. She is simply amazing. Do you…… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award.. (4)

It’s All Good!

One way to stay peaceful, content,and unruffled is to know how to cast your care on the Lord and be be at peace with his decisions for you. Yea! I know sometimes things can get really crazy and rationality becomes questionable but responding to every challenges by your own wisdom is even crazier. I used…… Continue reading It’s All Good!

Cover It Up!

“I have to tell him his fault!”, “How could she do this?”, “Who do they think they are to speak to me like that?”, “You can’t speak to me in no kind of way”. There’s always the urge to reprimand people of their wrongs done to us. As humans we always want us prove our…… Continue reading Cover It Up!

Just Words!

I have had girly childhood crushes on you I have told you my name and I know yours already But that shouldn’t be all I am drawn to you anytime I see you and I can’t help myself Reading you is like reading harlequin romance This are just words and I didn’t ask for love…… Continue reading Just Words!

Saying I Love You…

Oftentimes, saying I love you to the ones we love isn’t always the words we want to say. They usually don’t come out right when we say them right? It isn’t luck that brings us to the ones we love and yet when we have them, we struggle with words to express exactly how we…… Continue reading Saying I Love You…

Promises.. Meant To Be Broken?

Making promises under pressure always seems very easy to do. It’s even easier if the promises we are making is for a favor. Nevertheless, if you want people to trust you, confide in you, then you must learn to keep your promises. Many atimes, we brush off small promises saying “she’ll understand”, “I had no…… Continue reading Promises.. Meant To Be Broken?