Closer…..#Make It Happen

Let’s face it, there are moments when we had to make a choice to either get up or accept defeat right?   As humans, we are all born with the natural instinct not to give up but somewhere along the line, we loose that instincts. When asked what happened, we reply “Life happened and am tired” When…… Continue reading Closer…..#Make It Happen

Not Guilty…..(Quest Post)

How can this be? Having gone through the long list Of all the wrongs I have committed I thought I was guilty It should have been me I haven’t been compassionate Haven’t cared at all Had master’s in anger A PhD in unforgiveness Ever protective of everything But never careful about anything What kind of…… Continue reading Not Guilty…..(Quest Post)

The Promises That Keeps Us…….

Breaking down may seem like a norm for us but it surely doesn’t make it better nor acceptable. Oftentimes, when things seems to be falling apart, they may actually be falling in place. Life gets difficult for us all at some point in time but what we do during and after the difficult time means…… Continue reading The Promises That Keeps Us…….

Good Music​…From A Broken Chord…

It’s often said that a good music would always make the heart merry. No one knows how to bring out a good music out of a broken chord like my God. There is no “rejectemente”with him. He see treasures where others sees trash. He see hope where we see broken. He see love where we…… Continue reading Good Music​…From A Broken Chord…

When Life Says No…..What Next?

What next? What do you do? What happens when everything and everyone you know says No to you? What do you do when everything falls apart? Cry? Laugh? Break a nail? Smash everything around you? Run? Shut everyone out? Talk to someone? Cry with a friend? Take a walk? Scream at everything and everyone? Breathe?…… Continue reading When Life Says No…..What Next?

Cuando Estoy Contigo………

Estas son las cosas que necesito para orar Estoy un lío por debajo y estoy demasiado asustado para mostrarlo. No puedo entenderlo No puedo encontrar la paz de otra manera Pero es bueno saber Puedo venir por aquí Tal como soy y todavía ser reconocido y aceptado Todo está bien ahora Y yo estoy bien…… Continue reading Cuando Estoy Contigo………

Ego……The Best Contender!

” Why are you looking at me in such a manner? Like I do not matter?” ” Well, guess what? You are wrong. I do matter, my opinion counts. I am a man of principle, I’ve got pride you know! and what I say must stand.” ” I really don’t care what they all think…… Continue reading Ego……The Best Contender!