It’s A Game Of High Stakes: Look Beyond The Surface

The workings in government is a game of high stakes that is fuelled by complexities of managing all kind of interests for the sole purpose of expanding territory. Occupying prominent positions in government requires a unique set of skills, abilities and emotional intelligence to be able to manage the various kinds of interest involved. Unfortunately, most of the people we have in government today do not possess one-third of any skills. They either got there by crooked means or by selection from “the bosses at the top”. Very few possess the required skills. They get selected by certain powerful individuals, either by mere introduction or spiritual manipulation, for the sole purpose of protecting their interest and agenda.

These set skills are necessary because if care is not taken, they can fall prey to the game of ” high stakes ” if they are unable to manage the various kinds of interests or if they are not aware that they are at odds with the interest of certain individuals. When we occupy certain positions, we must tread carefully and with cautions and not assume that whatever happens is the normal course of business. The governments around the world are controlled by powerful individuals. Their control can be overt or covert, depending on the country.

As such we need to pray for supernatural wisdom and understanding so that we can see beyond the surface when we face various kinds of situations. We must pray for the ability to decipher and read between the lines and see clearly what the various interests that are in play. Being oblivious to the interest of these powerful individuals isn’t always a wise thing to do. These powerful individuals have continued to expand, perpetuate and deepen their interest in economic, political and all government affairs to the extent it has influenced the enactment of laws to further deepen its economic control over their country.

It is difficult to be cognizant of the intrigues of these powerful individuals, which is why we must be prayerful and constantly pray for the spirit of discernment when judiciously carrying out our official duties. We must also have listening ears that actually functions even when we become very busy with our duties.

Truth be told, whilst other people with different spiritual persuasions give more time to their supreme being even when they become so busy with their duties, Christians, unfortunately, becomes more complacent, giving flimsy excuses as to why they can’t pray as they used to anymore. Their relationship with God Almighty becomes depleted.

As Christians, when we assume certain high positions, be it in government or otherwise, we need to strengthen our stakes to gain territory, rather than concede territory to satanic influences. To achieve this, we must develop and maintain a lifestyle of prayer and fasting, studying the word of God, for by so doing, we build spiritual weight and capacity that will enable us to navigate and conquer all the land mines and stumbling blocks put in our way to undermine us.

We must guard ourselves so we don’t become victims of the societies and these powerful individuals, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood….”Ephesians 6:12″. Godly lifestyle should be a part of our daily routine. We must come to the realisation that when we attain a level of prominence either in the private or public sector, we need to place emphasis on building our spiritual capacity, which will invariably translate into physical influence and make the right decisions always.

Blessings and Love

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6 thoughts on “It’s A Game Of High Stakes: Look Beyond The Surface

  1. Occupying prominent positions in government requires a unique set of skills, abilities and emotional intelligence to be able to manage the various kinds of interest involved…. Nicely said. Unfortunate for us that we do not have people with such qualities at the decision making levels. Hope someday it will happen.


    1. I hope so too, Shyamal. We’ve had enough of wrong people occupying prominent positions and continuously making the wrong decisions.

      Thank you for reading through and sharing your thoughts. Have a lovely week ahead.

      Liked by 1 person

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