Love….Does It Still Endure All Things?


Every relationship needs boundaries right? How much boundaries are we talking about? Amongst these boundaries, is Love inclusive?
The occasional tantrums is one thing, but having to walk on eggshells, live in fear,not knowing what will happen next is another. The Bible does not say “Only submit to your husband if he’s a good husband right?.” However, I dont think that God expects any of His children to endure any type of abuse, whether it be physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual or any form at all. Neither does he expect us to be unfaithful either.

Love is a wonderful emotion but if the person you love doesn’t return your feelings then having your expectations shattered really hurts, therefore making it impossible for the love you feel to endure anything.

Is love really enough today? Does it really weather all storms of life? If it does why so many break-ups in marriages and relationship? Wasn’t the love they felt for each other enough to stand the test of life? Why do we have so many abusive relationships? Why are spouses, couples, cheating on one another, if they profess to love one another? Are we supposed to endure love or blossom in love? If God is love and he endures our unfaithfulness till date,if we are made in the image and likeness of God, then why can’t we love like he does? Why can’t our love endure and believe in others?
These are questions that I haven’t been able to find answers to. Could it be we are not loving right? Could it be we just can’t differentiate between love & lust? Could it be we allow our judgements to becloud our sense of reasoning when it comes to choosing the right persons for us? Are we love blinded? Is love really blind?

We need to understand that love is selfless without any expectation. Does that mean when I love someone and he abuses me, I should still stay, and endure it out? Do I tell my children it’s ok to be in an abusive relationships simply because they love each other? So to speak!. I have a picture of what I feel true love should be: Have you seen a puppy or a pet dog, its the best example of selfless love.. Hurt him, hurl at him, avoid him and still he’ll love you for what you are.. Without expecting anything in return. 
It has no use for fancy cars or big homes or designer clothes. A waterlogged stick will do just fine. It doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor clever or dull, smart or dumb… he will love you without any expectations and that’s true love. Is that the kind of love we find in our society today?

We have always known in our hearts that there is still real love, the kind that endures the test of time. We also know that our desires and passion are much more enduring than we have ever imagined them to be. It is often said that the people who have the most frequent and most​ satisfying sex are those in long term loving relationships. Well am not surprised; in most things practice always makes perfect. Sex is like tango; when you dance with someone over a long time, you can co-ordinate your moves and create more synchrony. If these survey is correct, then why the large increase in break-ups? domestic abuses from spouses? Infidelity?

Many people in our day today have a shallow and superficial view of love that says it is a mere feeling that is outside of our control and can come and go as it pleases. The Bible in 1 Corinthians 13 disagrees. Indeed, we have seen that a true understanding of love as God has shown us is that love is a high calling, a responsibility that must be put first even when we do not feel like it. Love is not just a sentimental emotion or attachment. It does not boast or envy. Real love is selfless, and it does not to rejoice in evil, rather it rejoices in the truth no matter the situation. This kind of love also has a sure hope for the future, believing the truth of the Lord’s Word and believes what others say at face value until they prove themselves untrustworthy of that love. True love is a wonderful gift, because apart from our union with Christ, it’s rare to find such love today.

One thing that might be worth considering before committing to any union would be the question of what you would do if one of the parties involved finds love outside of this union? Do I truly this person or are my infatuated? How would that effect the relationship, how would i handle it?

Yet again, it is possible that a relationship entered into upon mutually agreeable benefits could, over time develop its own kind of affection and appreciation which could potentially lead to a mutual love someday.

47 thoughts on “Love….Does It Still Endure All Things?

    1. Hmmmm, not many will approve of this especially when they have a sour taste of love. Some people have and are still going through a lot as we speak. A lot now have different definitions for love. Am glad you commented. Thank you for dropping by.

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      1. You’re welcome. I have always known that “love is life”. I do know that most societies somehow redefined “eros” as love. Driven by eros, people enter into relations. When the desire gets satiated with one, desire for new experience with another fellow now drives a wedge into the relationship and the broken relationship come to play. I have been married for 36years and our marital love keeps growing. Coming from such experience and many others I have met is partly the reason I believe love exists and does endure. Thanks for raising such a vital issue that touches a vital nerve in society.


  1. Thank You! Very thoughtful and thought provoking. From my evolving perspective, we are all too self-interested, to really reflect on what love really is and what it means. I very much aspire to love the way Anthony de Mello describes love. It all really is a matter of finding common values and working together toward that which we share as an objective

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  2. I believe unconditional love is. We have to be vulnerable enough to love someone like that and have compassion for them even when they don’t deserve it. God is love and when comes into our hearts and he saves us we have his nature on inside of us. So his love is apart of us. We just have to make the choice to love and let it be without conditions, limits, and judgements. Thanks for sharing. I love this!

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    1. Thank you dear for that lovely contribution. Yes, God is love and we can love unconditionally only if we allow his nature to guide us. No man can love another of his own will, he or she will only grow weary but we can if we have the spirit of God in us. Nice one dear, thank you for sharing this with us.

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  3. don’t think being in an abusive relationship is love. To love like God wants us to love we have to lean on Him daily. You talked about expectations and they can kill any relationship. This is my second marriage and I learned a lot about myself. But the biggest thing I learned is you must accept more than you try to change. It’s okay that your spouse is different. Believe it or not most marriage don’t end because of an affair or abuse. They end because we focus on everything that we don’t like about them and this blinds us to all the good they bring to our relationship. If you love your spouse like you say you do, you will look to make yourself better and not try to change them.
    Great post and blog!


    1. You are not alone my dear. No knowledge is absolute, i found myself asking the same questions too. Finding the answers is finding the right path. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. Thank you for dropping by.

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  4. So true!!! The perfect partner is all one need!!! Love is the best feeling in the world but if the partner isn’t worth living for, then the situations become worse and so bad!!!
    So true Maam so true

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