Thank You…

We’ve fought, argued, and disagreed.

We are still here, closely knitted together through it all. Just like everyone I had my share of dark days, I had moments when I felt it was all for nought, I had moments that I had wished to just leave everything and walk away. I had moments when I questioned everything, I had days when my faith couldn’t get me through anything. I had moments when lessons unlearned was more desired than lessons learned. There were days when tears, words, weren’t just enough. I had moments when I struggled and days when I lost everything.

But you my wonderful fans and family were the ones with the widest shoulder to lean on, with the perfect ears to listen and sharp eyes to read everything I scribbled down. You were oftentimes the toughest love I needed to get back up even when I failed to admit it. You were all the reason I made it through those dark days and words are not enough to describe how I feel and to say thank you.

For the days my writings infringed on your rights, for the days my words hurt your personalities, for the days I sounded judgemental, bias, and annoying, for the days I sounded unempathic, for the days I failed to visit your posts, leave a comment and encourage your works, I humbly and sincerely apologize. I look forward to a better me in 2018. I will keep striving to be better. “Still a work in progress! I love you all and respect you. I love what I do and will keep doing what I love.

Nevertheless, you’ve stayed by my side, we’ve learned from each other, we’ve inspired one another, motivated one another, we’ve listened to each other and we’ve celebrated together. I’m thankful for all that. I’m thankful that you remember I’m human and make mistakes- and yet you chose to stick with me to the end. Thank you for reminding me that despite my flaws and mistakes I am still loved and needed. Your likes and comments on each post is the perfect reflection of that.

I will always be my own worst critic, but you all have always been my number one cheerleaders and supporters. You have never failed to point out my positive qualities even when I couldn’t see it. You all saw the best in me, and I couldn’t imagine life without you all beside me.

Thank you all for a wonderful journey with me this 2017, I don’t think I could begin to express just how much better my life has been with you all in it, and I refuse to imagine the future any differently. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.

Happy new year in advance. 😊😊😊

15 thoughts on “Thank You…

    1. Hahahaha.. You just made me smile. We can never know it all can we? We can know only that we know nothing. And that is the highest degree of human wisdom.
      Your words are really kind my dear. Thank you very much for dropping by.

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  1. I’m so glad we’ve met. God brought us together for a reason and I’m so glad he did. I was telling my mom that I consider you to be a close friend. Oh Whitney you’ve always been for me. In the year I’ve been blogging you’ve been there. You stuck by me and I’m so grateful. You didn’t judge me. You just accepted me for who I was and where I was. You stood by me and prayed for me even when I came out last year and said I was BI/Gay. That means so much. You stood by me and prayed for me when I turned my life back over to God. I appreciate you. Happy 2018 and I wish many more blessings for you and many more years of friendship for us. Love your fellow your sister in Christ, Kathleen

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    1. You have been a tremendous gift to me as well. A beautiful blessing and a perfect reflection of God’s love. Scars indicates where we’ve been, they don’t dictate where are going or meant to be.
      You are fearfully and wonderfully made, you’ve made your mistakes and I have no right whatsoever to judge you. I have made a few of mine and His mercies found me, so who are my to judge you?
      I love you just the way you are and God loves you more. Your past don’t matter to him anymore. Every time he looks at you, He sees the blood of his son Jesus Christ.
      Thank you for sticking with me all through the year, for reading my posts consistently, for your insightful, revealing and thoughtful comments. Thank you for putting a smile on my face. My girls are very familiar with kawsreflections, they know that name(you) because you were in my prayer list.
      It hasn’t been one sided my love. There’s a reason why we met and I believe God is bringing us to that soonest.
      I wish you a bountiful year, this year shall be your perfect year where all the lines will continually fall in pleasant places for you because you have a goodly heritage.
      Keep soaring and remember Jesus loves you any day, anytime. My regards to your mom, tell her she is blessed to have as a daughter.
      Hugs and love 💞💕💝😘😘

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      1. Thank you Whitney. I appreciate that I truly do. Thank you for your kind, loving, and encouraging words. I’m blessed to have you in my life. I truly am. I wish you a blessed year and that God will continue to bless you. The fruits of your labor will continue to sow because you are doing God’s will for your life. Oh well thank you. I will tell her. Hugs and love to you. Kathleen

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