Be True To You!

I think it’s foolish for anyone to be unfair to themselves and lie to their hearts. You are the only one who must live with the consequences of your decisions and the best way to be happy with them, is to follow what’s in your heart, not what’s in someone else’s. You will be miserable and unfulfilled if you constantly do what others want you to do, especially if you do not want it. This doesn’t mean you never do what somebody else wants you to do, because there are times we need to make sacrifices because we love people and genuinely care about them. It simply means you don’t make a habit of allowing others to control you and direct you all the time. All of us needs to be balanced when it comes to the input we allow others to have in our lives. We need to realise we have the right to be happy and make our own choices. Wisdom doesn’t come with age. We need to be wise if we will enjoy every day of our lives. Often times we find ourselves doing the things that are not convenient until we get to the place where we can do what’s convenient for us. While on the journey, never lie to yourself or relinquish your identity. Making sacrifices for the ones we love, for our colleagues, for parents, community, nation, etcetera is good but we shouldn’t lose ourselves in the process or forget to take care of ourselves. It’s very easy to swing too far in the opposite direction when you are trying to be true to yourself and break the power of control in your lives, thereby establishing new patterns of thought and behaviour. So, you must guard your heart diligently and make frantic efforts to review your thought and your actions.
You are responsible for standing up for yourself. You will be standing before God and give an account of your life and gift he has given to you. Trust me, God wouldn’t want to hear that you were unable to make your own decisions, unable to be true to yourself for fear of being rejected, or that you disobeyed him because you did not want to make anyone angry. Be true to yourself today and be happy. “No more excuse!” 😇😊 Have a lovely weekend. Blessings and Love Photo credit:  Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Be True To You!

    1. Nope…they just don’t get it. Life has got so any riddles and you need the wisdom to solve them not the age alone.

      Thank you very much for dropping by and sharing. Blessings to you.😊


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