Learning About Trauma-Informed Care

How informed are we about TIC -Trauma-Informed Care? We all live in a broken world. If you’ve survived any form of #Trauma, you are brave. The feelings of Trauma are hazy, frigid, and unsafe. The floor tilts under your feet. You reach out to grab a hand that isn’t always there or perhaps will never…… Continue reading Learning About Trauma-Informed Care

Get A New Mindset Today!

How do you see yourself? ο€”Having a wrong #mindset about one’s self is not only unhealthy but ungratifying. The need to #develop the right mindset can never be overemphasized. Get a new mindset today and start seeing new results. Read more πŸ‘‰ https://whitneyibeblog.com/get-a-new-mindset-today/

Learn To Listen With Empathy

Motivating people to listen with empathy is a huge challenge, a hurdle for everyone irrespective of culture, country, language, and organization. The glass is half full and we need each other. Recent shifts in our economy, workplace, and health have exposed us all to a… Read more πŸ‘‰ https://whitneyibeblog.com/learn-to-listen-with-empathy/

Four Powerful Ways To Become Resilient And Bounce Back

Everyone loves a good comeback story, yet there will be no comebacks without the power of resilience.Resilience provides you with the power to recognize and adapt to situations, move, and grow irrespective of life’s downturns. We will address the four powerful ways to bouncing back and becoming resilient. Have you got resilience? Read more πŸ‘‰…… Continue reading Four Powerful Ways To Become Resilient And Bounce Back

There Is No Us And Them – Stop The Stigmatization

There is no β€˜us’ and β€˜them’.There’s just β€˜us’!Stop the #stigmatization. There is still far too much stigma around mental illness.Still a sense of β€œus” and β€œthem”.This is a fallacy of course, but one that too many people continue to buy into. Read more πŸ‘‰ https://whitneyibeblog.com/there-is-no-us-and-them-stop-the-stigmatization/

Moral Puzzle: Perfection Or Honesty?

Honestly, honesty can never be overrated. It is a crucial component for developing moral character. Honesty strengthens and improves relationships between people, helps in cultivating good attributes like compassion, determination, truthfulness, and integrity. Read more πŸ‘‰ https://whitneyibeblog.com/moral-puzzle-perfection-or-honesty/

New Body Language Saga: Nonverbal Communications Are Important

What do our body language and nonverbal words tell others, about us? How do we perceive nonverbal communications? Whatever our response may be, nonverbal communications have been overstated over the years. Nonverbal communications are important and should not be neglected. Read more πŸ‘‰ https://whitneyibeblog.com/new-body-language-saga-nonverbal-communications-are-important/

Choose Ethics Over Popularity Now

Contrary to popular belief, it has become more popular to be popular than to ethical, brave, and kind.We tend to have forgotten the values that our culture once knew. Whatever happens, choose ethics over-popularity.We’ve neglected what it means to stand for something bigger than our lives and egos. Read more πŸ‘‰ https://whitneyibeblog.com/choose-ethics-over-popularity-now/

New Leading Style: Leaders Are Flexible

Flexible leaders are known to always modify their style, and approach to leadership, uncertainty, and unpredictable circumstances. They adjust to changes irrespective of how daunting it may be.I have learned over the years that flexible leaders are not scared to revise their plans and integrate new inventions, overcome new challenges and still achieve any goals…… Continue reading New Leading Style: Leaders Are Flexible

Honest Compliments Makes The Heart Merry!

If you don’t mean a compliment, don’t give it!We are all struggling with something in our lives that a little honest compliment goes a long way than we can ever imagine. Read more πŸ‘‰ https://whitneyibeblog.com/honest-compliments-makes-the-heart-merry/