It’s Never Enough! Is it?

It will never be enough until we learn to understand the “why” behind every wants and desires. Greed is another reason why it is never enough. We want what we can’t have and show less value for what we do have. We go any mile to have what others have. It’s okay to admire and…… Continue reading It’s Never Enough! Is it?


Set Reasonable Standards…

All over the world today, societies are decaying, families are falling apart, and individuals are growing increasingly frustrated and miserable. I believe one of the primary reasons for this is that people have stopped setting reasonable standards. I often hear people say; “I have high standards”, ” I can’t lower my standards for anything”. The…… Continue reading Set Reasonable Standards…

Make The Most Of Every Opportunity

“God has given you a present its called ” today”. What are you going to do with it?

Just Thoughts… #3

What can truly fulfill and sustain us? Maybe the best way to answer that question is by asking another: What can we keep when our bodies are placed silently in their graves at death? Only our relationship with God and his people lasts beyond the grave. If he is what lasts, then how can we…… Continue reading Just Thoughts… #3

People Pleasers

Very often we find ourselves doing things we don’t love or want to do just because we are scared of what “the people” might say. The people’s voices echoes louder in everything we do than our own voices. Even the bravest of us get knocked out when they fail to do what the people wants.…… Continue reading People Pleasers

Handling Your Finances Right..

The condition of your heart is revealed in how you handle finances. Greediness, manipulations, seems to be the order of the day while integrity is gradually loosing its value and place in our world. It is understandable that we want to have the best of things, give our children the best education, security and support…… Continue reading Handling Your Finances Right..

It’s Time To…

. Love enough to give to those who deserve it the least but need it the most . Love yourself . Find peace enough that pass all understanding . Find strength enough to battle obstacles and overcome them . Have commitment enough not to give up too soon . Have hope enough to keep your…… Continue reading It’s Time To…

Searching For Your Purpose? #2

If my sister left her six year old daughter with me without telling me how she likes her meal done, what her favorite meal is, her likes and dislikes, her favorite cartoon, her spot on subject in school, I wouldn’t know any. Only her the mother knows all these and unless she tells me, I…… Continue reading Searching For Your Purpose? #2