Narcissism In Everyday Relationships – The Way Out

Narcissistic partners can be fascinating and enticing, but don’t get it twisted because arrogance, pride, injustice, and manipulations lie beneath that new smile and calm eyes. These are all the watchwords of a narcissist. His mental cognition is toxic, and his behavioral patterns are psychotic. Narcissists are always right, they know better, and every other…… Continue reading Narcissism In Everyday Relationships – The Way Out

Learning To Push Through The Pains

  Recalling my childhood is always fun, especially when I remember the mischiefs and the antics of my siblings and I. Even though I was more of the shy and reserved type, “bookworm” as my friends would call me, I think I still had my fair share of childish mischief and one of those led…… Continue reading Learning To Push Through The Pains

All I Want…

Figuring out what I wished always seemed like a merry pass spherical Love, hate, jealousy, pain, maintains pouring down in thousands So motionless… yet so alive So cold… yet fuming So stunning… yet terrifying And solid… but transferring Why won’t you simply listen! You anger me, yet I smile via it all whenever you depart,…… Continue reading All I Want…

When Life Says No…..What Next?

What next? What do you do? What happens when everything and everyone you know says No to you? What do you do when everything falls apart? Cry? Laugh? Break a nail? Smash everything around you? Run? Shut everyone out? Talk to someone? Cry with a friend? Take a walk? Scream at everything and everyone? Breathe?…… Continue reading When Life Says No…..What Next?