It’s Never Enough! Is it?

It will never be enough until we learn to understand the “why” behind every wants and desires. Greed is another reason why it is never enough. We want what we can’t have and show less value for what we do have. We go any mile to have what others have. It’s okay to admire and…… Continue reading It’s Never Enough! Is it?

It’s Not Always About What You Have Or Don’t Have….

“It takes a matured person to be content on the mountaintop and content in the valley”.

The Right Mind- Set

[ No thoughts are yours just because they come into your mind. No, they only become yours when you allow them to move in and rearrange the furniture]

Put Possessions In Perspective!

Without a healthy attitude towards money and possessions, everyday life can be miserable. People who think too highly of finances and material goods often live in pursuit of luxuries that leave them unsatisfied. They find themselves with full bank accounts and empty hearts, or end up spending more than they make and struggling under the…… Continue reading Put Possessions In Perspective!

How Much More?…

All over the world today, so much emphasis is being placed on money, wealth, possessions, clothes, luxury cars, accessories, status, and other material things. It’s OK to live happily, fruitful and prosperous but how much of the things we desire to have do we really need? Many aspects of everyday life have fallen prey to…… Continue reading How Much More?…

Self-centeredness..#The Root Of Unhappiness!

We can try all we want to prescribe rules and regulations for people to live by, but if their hearts are not changed, they will break our rules and resent us for making them. There will always be a time when we have to realise and admit we are being selfish, but we can only…… Continue reading Self-centeredness..#The Root Of Unhappiness!


But godliness with contentment is great gain”(1 Tim.6:6). As humans our needs are insatiable and we often confuse what we want for what we need and that makes it more difficult to be contented with what we have. Heb. 13:5 “Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you…… Continue reading Contentment…#Profitable!