Stop The Wrong Announcement..

Very often we are quick to announce to anyone who cares to listen how things are so wrong and never right. Even when we pray, we remind God how things have been stagnant, how our growth is plummeting, how the family finance is crumbling, and so on and so forth. I could remember when growing up, my grandma would always say, “If all you have is complaints, then don’t pray”.

This always pissed me off because I felt I needed to remind God about what I need, how I need it and when I need it. After all, he says in Matthew 7:7 ” Ask and you shall receive…”. As I grew older I began to understand my grandma’s rule for praying.

We don’t have to remind God that things are wrong, what we need and how we need it. He admonishes us to make our request known with thanksgiving. He laid an example for us when he fed the five thousand. He began by giving thanks and then he broke the bread and gave to his disciples to share.

He understood the usefulness of announcing positivity rather than reminding God that ” Father, you know this bread and fish is not enough to feed this crowd….”. He understood that all he needed to do was give thanks and his father will take care of the rest.

As heirs to his kingdom and as his children, he expects us to follow suit. The truth is nothing you’re saying may be true at the time but this is what faith is all about. You have to learn to announce the right things by faith and declare it by faith even when you pray. Too often we’re announcing and declaring the wrong things.

“I’ve been single for so long. I’ll never meet the right person. I don’t have the right amount of favour to excel. Prices are so high. The economy frustrates my family and I. I don’t see how I’m ever going to make it”. That’s announcing defeat and declaring mediocrity.

You’ve got to change what’s coming out of your mouth. Start announcing freedom from anything that seems to be holding you back. Freedom from ingratitude, freedom from anger, freedom from pain, freedom from unforgiveness, depression, and addictions. Freedom from constantly struggling.

Quit telling God what you’ve heard, what you’ve seen. That’s not doing you or him any good. It’s really simple. Your problems shouldn’t be the only thing you take to God. Take your praise to him. Tell him; ” Lord, I want to thank you that with long life you will satisfy me. And even though my condition looks permanent, Lord, I want to thank you that I’m coming into my season of a breakthrough because I know you’re working things out for my good”.

Start announcing the right things and pray with thanksgiving and see if God won’t move in his might for your sake.

God bless you. Love you guys.

Blessings to you and yours

Photo Credit: Pixabay

8 thoughts on “Stop The Wrong Announcement..

  1. Nice wrong announcement could be as a bait to a fish in a fishing day…unfortunately lots of fishers in a river and it could be a mobbing activity… beware could be an advice in order to dangerous time!


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