Morning Reflections…

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The secret to every victory is acting fearlessly and confessing boldly. Understand this, Ephesians 6:14 says, “You will need…the breastplate of God’s approval”. Every morning, no matter how you feel or what you may have done wrong the day before, you can get up and say, “Father, I thank you that I am forgiven. i thank you that you approve me and that i am your friend”.

If you do that, you’ll be amazed at what begins to happens. Your whole self-image will change. That heavy weight of guilt and condemnation will be lifted. Very often we don’t get to understand the power of forgiveness, the power to forgive and be forgiven. You get your joy back. You will also discover that you find the courage to go out and meet the day with a whole new attitude.

But please note that this does not happen automatically; it is something we must all do. Just as we put on our clothes every morning, we need to get up and consciously put on God’s approval. Quit allowing a sense of guilt and shame to follow you around. You deserve forgiveness and you are forgiven. You’ve got to also forgive those that may have wronged you even without knowing.

Shake off that sense of unworthiness. You may be dealing with a lot of faults, you may not be all that you want to be, but at least you can thank God you’re not what you used to be. Stop looking at how far you have to go, and take a look today at how far you’ve already come. Keep the faith.

Good Morning All. Love you guys.

Blessings and Love

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7 thoughts on “Morning Reflections…

  1. Thanks for the reminder that God’s righteousness and forgiveness are freely given in Christ- praise the Lord! Bless you sister 🙂


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