Just Thoughts… #14

How can we expect to walk in freedom
If we do not embrace God’s standards of forgiveness?

How can we be free
If we’ve never made the decision to be free?

How can we move on
If we keep holding on?
If we keep looking for reasons to be angry, to hold on to ever offense that walks in through the door?

If we can’t turn back the battles that tries to engage us every now and then?

We should not be surprised when we find ourselves in a low emotional state as a result of the things we let into our lives.

It is the standard of forgiveness that enables us to walk in freedom
We don’t forgive because they need it
We should forgive so we can be free!

16 thoughts on “Just Thoughts… #14

  1. Forgiveness releases God’s grace in full measure for that situation.

    He has forgiven us, who are we not to forgive!

    I do not say this lightly…for some of us have had horrific times at the hands of others…

    But God’s grace needs to reign for our own growth & hopefully theirs (but that can be between them & the Spirit of God) then we can move forward in God’s grace in our lives.

    Thank you for your very poignant poem!


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