Taking God To Work?…

Taking God to work? In a society as dysfunctional as ours? To work where everyone is competing for excellence and don’t care how it’s achieved? To work where lies are more appreciated than the truth? To work where mediocrity is celebrated? To work where colleagues and bosses are always on the run? It isn’t convenient,…… Continue reading Taking God To Work?…

Sweet Confession

      Hello, my beautiful friends. Trust your day is going well? Yesterday, my 13- year old Godson, Kingsley was in one of those moods. He failed to read when he was supposed to and when we went to the market, I expected him to cooperate happily. Instead, he walked two steps behind me…… Continue reading Sweet Confession

Every Intimidations Needs An Invitation…

“Every intimidation needs an invitation!

A Vision For Teacher’s Improvement…#The Next Big Step

Take the next big step today!

Only Hungry Minds Grow..

“If you think education is expensive, then try ignorance!”

The Best Time To Love Is Now!

“The best time to love is now”.

A Grateful Heart…

Always learn to say “Thank you!