The Sun..

My grandmother used to say ; count your blessings while the sun is up and…. She never used to complete it and whenever I do ask her to complete it she would say “or the rain may just wash them off”. I will end up smiling but also be left in thoughts. I always wondered…… Continue reading The Sun..

Letting Go…(#Pt 2)

“Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go”. Do you know that many at times we hold on to so much to what God is taking from us, forgetting that he has already finished his own plans in our lives ever before we were born and start making our own plans. I learnt that…… Continue reading Letting Go…(#Pt 2)

Women And Anger…..

Anger! Anger! Anger! Uhhhhh.. When a man gets angry it is considered normal but when a woman gets angry, the whole world comes to a stand still, it makes headline news and considered abnormal and the woman said to be bitter. The recent reports on violence among girls in schools especially public schools has been on…… Continue reading Women And Anger…..

Not Guilty…..(Quest Post)

How can this be? Having gone through the long list Of all the wrongs I have committed I thought I was guilty It should have been me I haven’t been compassionate Haven’t cared at all Had master’s in anger A PhD in unforgiveness Ever protective of everything But never careful about anything What kind of…… Continue reading Not Guilty…..(Quest Post)

Our Words…. Very Powerful!!

Our words are powerful, they not only reveal the conditions of our hearts, they also influence our ability to enjoy life and fully live. Just as a positive mental attitude helps us enjoy our lives, the words we speak also affect the levels of joy we experience on a daily basis. “Matthew 12:34- Out of…… Continue reading Our Words…. Very Powerful!!

Just Because Of Me!…………

Your foundation standeth sure, having the perfect seal, Your throne is unshakable, You made yourself a worthy vessel to be used, You endured it all, Just because of ME! Your powers are unbreakable Your presence leaves every one in awe, Nothing compares to you, Nothing compares to your glory, Yet you became nothing, Just because…… Continue reading Just Because Of Me!…………

The Right Foundation?……Be Sure!

If you want true liberty and stability in life, it’s very important that you build your life on the right foundation. Everything proceeds from the right foundation. When you build your life on the wrong foundation, you will find yourself easily shaken when the storms of life hit. Build your life on the right foundation…… Continue reading The Right Foundation?……Be Sure!