Find Freedom To Soar For Greatness…

Hello everyone. Compliments of the season.

Finding the freedom to soar, excel, be ourselves is a major victory that releases amazing joy, capabilities, and strengths we’ve never known existed.

Freedom comes when you know and believe that it’s about your “who”, “it’s about what you believe”, and “it’s about your identity”.

It is very liberating to be able to take a realistic inventory of what we cannot do and not be belittled by it. The fact is I may not be able to do everything that someone else can do, but I can probably do something he or she can’t do.

I believe the best way to evaluate ourselves is to know that what we do well is a gift from God and what we do not do well is not a problem.

I say this because our world tells us; “Be yourself”, ” Be free”.

What does that truly mean? How possible is that? Is it achievable when lies are celebrated and the truth buried? Is freedom high priced?

Freedom is a much-desired commodity in our world but people no longer know what it really means. Everyone expects new perspectives from you and when you bring it, they just can’t take it.

It’s sad to see people struggle to meet up with the demand of being real, the demands of being free, being themselves rather than look inward and discover their true self. Situations like this leave anyone confused and can not think clearly. had this to say;

Confusion is a symptom that makes you feel as if you can’t think clearly. You might feel disoriented and have a hard time focusing or making decisions. Confusion is also referred to as disorientation. In its extreme state, it’s referred to as delirium.

To be really free, we cannot afford to be confused. We’ve got to understand that we don’t need to meet up to any standards that don’t allow us to be ourselves.

We don’t need to conform to the statistics of this world, all we need do is understand that God gives us each a little part of a greater whole, and we are supposed to work together, doing our parts with diligence and excellence; not wishing we could do what he has assigned someone else.

A couple of years ago I grew tired of feeling bad about myself all the time, thinking something was missing in me, wondering what was wrong with me, and believing I was not everything I was “supposed” to be.

I tried so hard to do and be things I saw in other people because I was told they were the measures for greatness and freedom. If you have attempted to do this, you can guess what happened. I became trapped and completely frustrated.

Discovering my identity in Christ, brought me the desired freedom I needed to soar, identity and peace I so much longed for. When we find out who we are in Christ, we become much less interested in what others think or expect of us.

When we walk in our identity in Christ, we can evaluate ourselves with brutal honesty and still feel great about who we are. We would not feel put down in the least because of what we can not do.

Identifying who we are in Christ will give us the freedom to soar. We become completely free to be the best we can be and to use the abilities we do have.

As we round off the year, we must relinquish any thoughts, struggles, to be someone else, to fit into the pattern of this world, or trying to perform so others can accept us. Have the courage to be you, God has created you to be and find the freedom to soar to greatness.

The secret to happiness is freedom…And the secret to freedom is courage”- Thucydides.

Happy New Year in advance. Love you all.

Blessings and Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay


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