Confessions Of A Saint!

I tend to be a stealthy sinner, a perfect screw up, the one you call “cliche” in everything wrong. Most of my life I fly under the radar and keep everything hidden. I avoid the mirror in the day and at night I detest my glaring shadow because it does nothing but show me the…… Continue reading Confessions Of A Saint!

Follow Your Dream!

There is one thing that we do free of charge without any one’s consent and that is to dream. The question is not can you dream, but do you have the courage to follow it and act on it? If faith without work is dead, then dream without diligence is as good as dead. God…… Continue reading Follow Your Dream!

Just Words!

I have had girly childhood crushes on you I have told you my name and I know yours already But that shouldn’t be all I am drawn to you anytime I see you and I can’t help myself Reading you is like reading harlequin romance This are just words and I didn’t ask for love…… Continue reading Just Words!

Conquering Your Fears…

Hi everyone, It won’t stop raining here but guess what? I am not complaining, although it hurts that I can’t go and get my favorite ice cream for myself and my little ones but that’s OK. At least I’m stuck at home and glued to my TV watching Telemundo. Lol. I guess i won’t stop…… Continue reading Conquering Your Fears…

Your Joy…#Your Strength!

I have met with some people who said to me “Whitney i’m sorry but i can’t laugh nor enjoy my life. My problems are consuming me.” Even when I try to tickle them. They focus intensely on finding a solution and they won’t relax or enjoy life until the problems are solved. I often wonder;…… Continue reading Your Joy…#Your Strength!

Women And Anger…..

Anger! Anger! Anger! Uhhhhh.. When a man gets angry it is considered normal but when a woman gets angry, the whole world comes to a stand still, it makes headline news and considered abnormal and the woman said to be bitter. The recent reports on violence among girls in schools especially public schools has been on…… Continue reading Women And Anger…..


I could not help but wonder how after reading and studying for an exam, mistake can’t just be avoided. You must find a situation where someone leaves the hall saying ” oh no…I wish i wrote this! Or “How could i have made such a mistake? Well, i guess the fear of exams is the…… Continue reading Mistakes…#Motivators